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As the major project of Laizhou municipal party Committee and Government as well as a key program ranked by Yantai government, Laizhou Social Welfare Center covers an area of about 202mu (i.e. 0.13 million square meters) with the building area for its first-stage project of 31,640 square meters and investment of 0.22 billion yuan and the building area for its second-stage project-which will be fully invested and constructed by Zhongchang Group and start construction in the year of 2016- of 0.17 million square meters and planned investment of 1.175 billion yuan. Center faces Mountain Xiong to its north, Yinmachi reservoir to its south, Dajishan Primitive Ecological Forest Park to its east and Laizhou People’s hospital to its west. It is heaven for the aged.  

There are 2 blocks of buildings and 1 university for the aged for the first-stage project of Laizhou Social Welfare Center. Designed with single & double room, suite and intensive care room, the buildings can accommodate 400 old men at one time to meet their demands. Besides, it’s also designed with big restaurants, halls for birthday party and private dining room for the aged and their families or guests. Staff of Laizhou Third People’s Hospital has been working here with advanced medical facilities, professional medical team and high-end physical examination center. What’s more, there are e-reading room, gymnasium, lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting room, multi-function hall that can accommodate 400 people, reception room, meeting room, etc., which makes it the best place for group activities, exercising, entertainment, learning and communication of the aged.

Laizhou Social Welfare Center is an integrated mechanism for accommodation, relaxation, entertainment, medical treatment and recovery of the aged and provides a green, modern, high-end, civilized and comprehensive heaven for the aged citizens.



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